WFI Still

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All pharmaceutical production processes require a stable & consistent supply of quality controlled water for applications ranging from non-critical processes to product formulation. The most important equipment in any pharmaceutical plant manufacturing injectable solutions is the WFI Still. Our WFI Still produces distillate that meets the current U.S and European pharmacopeia for Water for Injection guidelines systems equipped with a range of features to ensure that your installation and qualification is quick & trouble-tree and that your WFI production remains efficient and reliable.
Machinfabrik WFI Still is designed with efficiency in mind. Since the system recovers the latent heat of vaporization occurring within its own process to heat feed water and uses the feed water as the primary source of cooling, our system is an energy and money saving ingenuity.

  • Low vapour velocity ensures less carryover of impurities.

  • Triple punch pyrogen entrainment system ensures highest purity.

  • Unique heat exchanger design ensures minimal stress and hence longer life.

  • Automatic feed water control prevents column flooding.

  • Conductivity monitoring and control for feed water and WFI.

  • All elastomers in contact with feed water and product are provided with USP class vi certification.

  • Online temperature monitoring for WFI.

  • Utility monitoring for easy diagnostics.