Washing Cleaning Accessories

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Wash Stations are provided with stainless steel sinks with rounded corners which are easy to clean. The sink has a pluggable drain pipe which allows for soaking of instruments prior to cleaning for best results. The system is also provided with hot and cold-water faucets, mixing unit and a compressed air connections for setting up the spray gun rinser. A self-draining platform is provided for storage of the cleaned or un-cleaned instruments and parts. The fully stainless steel body ensures proper hygiene. The Wash Station is available in Single Sink or Double Sink construction depending on the need of the Healthcare Institution.

“MULTICA” SPRAY GUN is the most valuable instrument for hospitals, laboratories and all establishments where effective cleaning is a must. MULTICA makes it possible to clean instruments and rubber tubing quickly & thoroughly by water and compressed air. This powerful, multi-purpose spray gun rinser is an extremely useful instrument rinser wherever effective rinsing is a must for use with water or compressed air. All tips are easily locked to the spray gun by a safety cone. The gun grip is heat- insulated. The water/air pressure is released, regulated and fully controlled by the spray-gun trigger. Delivered with a set of 4 nozzles and a wall-mounted rack for storage of nozzles within easy reach.

The Trolley Wash System is provided for washing and disinfecting the Trolleys used for transport of material from the CSSD to different points of use and those used within the CSSD. The Trolley Wash System has spray gun for generating a high pressure jet of cleaning medium. A mixer for hot and cold water is provided. There is also a compressed air connection to generate a blast of air for drying items once they are washed. The Spray Gun is fitted on a hose reel which is rolled on a drum for easy and ergonomic operation.