Steam Air Sterilizer

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Steam-Air Terminal sterilizers are designed primarily for sterilizing products with flexible and delicate packaging that require counter pressure throughout the sterilization phase. Another significant advantage is that the product is dry and ready for further the handling immediately after the unloading.
In a steam sterilizer, the temperature and pressure relationship is always pre-defined. In steam-Air sterilizers a separate medium is used for heating (steam) and pressurizing (air) and thus the relation can be varied. Due to this we can achieve a chamber pressure which is higher or lower than the corresponding steam pressure for a given temperature. Hence this system helps to overcome the drawbacks associated with conventional steam sterilization systems.
For plastic containers or pre-filled syringes the internal pressure must be balance such that there is no net pressure differential across the container and/or closure or else there is a risk of compromising the container and/ or disrupting the closure e.g. excessive stopper movement in a pre-filled syringe An intelligent control system constantly adapts the pressure in the chamber to the pressure in the containers. This protects sensitive material to be sterilized against deformation. Steam and Air have different densities and will “stratify” if not mechanically mixed. (i.e., the heavier air will sink to the bottom). Here a fan and ducting is used to create a circulation pattern and maintain a homogenous environment.

  • Ampoules.

  • Pre-filled syringes.

  • Vials.

  • Ointment tubes.

  • Glass Bottles.

  • Blister packed containers.

  • Intraocular lens

  • Soft bags

  • Closures, Vessels, Machine and change parts.

  • Circulation turbine with shaft entry sealed with pressure tight and vacuum proof mechanical seal for ensuring a homogenous mixture of air and steam.

  • Lateral heat exchanger fitted in the circulation loop for heating & cooling.

  • Hot air drying facility for drying the load after sterilization.

  • Accurate counter pressure system to handle the most delicate container.

  • High velocity air and steam mixture guarantees effective heat transfer and excellent heat penetration for uniform temperature distribution and high sterility assurance.