Water Immersion Autoclave

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Manufacturers and processors of packaged foods are continuously developing innovative packaging materials to differentiate their product in the minds of the customer. Another priority is to develop packaging keeping in focus long shelf life of the product. This packaging material requires very gentle and accurate processing during heat treatment or sterilization processes necessitating the use of systems alternate to conventional Steam Retorts. Machinfabrik offers Water Immersion Sterilizers to address this need. The Water Immersion process is similar to a saturated steam process to the extent that the product, which is submerged in water, is completely isolated from the influence of air. But, it is different from Saturated Steam because air can be introduced into the vessel during sterilization. This introduction of air provides the over pressure necessary to ensure integrity of the packaging material. The heated air agitates the water as it flows to the surface and serves to pressurize the process load. Our systems can also be incorporated with rotary operation to accelerate heat transfer to the product and ensure heat penetration to the coldest spot of viscous products.

  • For canned food where there is liquid and solid pieces.

  • Systems designed for full immersion, partial immersion and spray for maximum flexibility to meet your every need.

  • Short process times to preserve vitamins, nutritional properties and the natural quality of the product.

  • Agitation mechanism to ensure rapid heat transfer, excellent penetration of heat and no overheating / burning of the product.

  • Very fast heating for short come-up time to ensure there is no overcooking of the product.

  • Flexible sizing options to meet your needs.

  • Stainless steel construction for superior hygiene.

  • PLC controlled system with a range of data-logging options for exhaustive process documentation.

  • Ergonomically designed handling accessories which can be customized for a wide range of products.