Packaging & Processing Accessories

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The table has stainless steel top for preparing packs and has shelves fitted on a S.S. Stand. The Operators can easily operate on both sides of the table.

Aliquam erat volutpat. Donec rutrum elementum turpis The table has stainless steel top with reinforcements at bottom to avoid bending. The S.S. Top is fitted on a sturdy tubular S.S. Stand. The linen fold table is used to prepare linen packs and to identify any wear and tear of the linen.

Complete S.S. unit with bench top & tabular stand used for sorting & processing of soiled as well as clean material.

The heat sealing machine is used for sealing of plastic or paper bags before sterilization.

The Magnifying Lamp is used for inspecting the traces left on instruments and surgical appliances after cleaning.