Medister high vacuum steam sterilizer

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Steam Sterilizers continue to be one of the most ancient but widely used sterilization techniques in the Healthcare Industry for effective infection control. A Sterilization system also represents the most important investment in a CSSD. At Machinfabrik we ensure that our Steam Sterilizers provide true value to Healthcare Professionals with regards to design, performance and life cycle economy. Flexible options allow users the selection of the right equipment to satisfy their needs.

To sterilize fabrics and wrapped instruments, mechanical air removal from the chamber is important. This ensures uniform penetration of steam. A high performance and efficient vacuum pump takes care of this by means of automatic pulsation prior to treatment. This ensures removal of all air pockets from the load. The post vacuum treatment ensures vacuum drying of the load before unloading. The system is equipped with various programs, which offers full range of cycle combinations to cater to all your needs. Six preprograms for instant selection are provided.

  • Vacuum Leak Test.

  • Bowie & Dick Test.

  • Open liquid program.

  • Rubber article sterilization.

  • Instrument Sterilization Program.

  • Garment/ Fabric sterilization Program.

The chamber is a critical part of a Steam Sterilizer. It is a critical part due to the temperature and pressure variations, which it has to withstand. Machinfabrik offers you a chamber designed as per ASME section VIII and with documentation including weld qualification, radiography testing, and surface finish profile, material testing & hydro-testing. The sterilization chambers are provided with a sloping bottom to ensure complete condensate removal from the system. The chamber is equipped with a Jacket, improving temperature uniformity inside the chamber & also provides strength to the chamber.

The doors have been designed for maximum operator safety and minimum maintenance. For ensuring proper sealing of the door with the chamber and zero leakage a special gasket, which is seated in a groove integrated into the chamber. The gasket is pressurized by air and sealed with chamber and retracted with the help of an ejector. We can offer two door options: Sliding & Hinged Door.

The “MEDISTER” Steam Sterilizer is available with an integral electric steam generator. Steam generator is preferred to maintain consistency in the quality of steam an important variable in the sterilization process and is provided with automatic pressure and water feed control. Optionally the sterilizer also can be made suitable for external steam supply by incorporating a PRV assembly

The Loading Carriage are fabricated from S.S. 316 L Stainless steel the loading carriage can be designed to suit the specific application of the customer. The Loading and unloading Trolley is fabricated from sturdy S.S. 304 tubular members welded together. The top frame is on heavy studs for height adjustment. The trolley is provided with four swiveling castor wheels made of Polypropylene and fitted in a stainless steel bracket.

  • Pressure lock to prevent door opening when the chamber is pressurized.

  • Door process lock to prevent starting of the process unless the door is closed.

  • Over pressure safety valve for jacket and chamber.

  • Door obstruction safety in double sliding door machines.

  • Low water level protection is provided in steam generator.

  • Insulated chamber to avoid scalding to the operator.

  • Pressure vessel hydro tested for maximum quality assurance.