Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

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Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers are designed to perform low temperature, chemical sterilization treatment of medical and pharmaceutical products sensitive to temperature / humidity. Machinfabrik EO Gas Sterilizers kill the toughest of microbes but are gentle enough to protect the integrity of the product and packaging. A wide range of program options, installation arrangements and loading options increases the versatility. Whether you use external preconditioning and aeration or our unique Combined Process Systems, Machinfabrik can offer customized solutions for your most exacting needs.
EO Gas Sterilizers operate with a sterilant which is potentially explosive. Hence these Sterilizers incorporate design features, devices & additional means of protection in order to operate in potentially explosive atmosphere in conformity with the established parameters ensuring a very high level of protection against explosions.

  • Syringes.

  • Catheters.

  • Cartridges & Dialysis.

  • Sutures.

  • IV Sets.

  • Plastic Articles.

  • Heat Sensitive Rubber Products.

  • Surgical Gloves.

  • Thermo stable basic pharmaceutical products and chemical compounds.

  • Double gasket for improved & fails proof door sealing.

  • Screw Vacuum Pumps & Roots Blowers for applications which require ultra-high vacuum.

  • Flame Proof design for your maximum safety.

  • Gas station with manifold fitted with air regulators, pressure switches, safety release valves and load cell for controlled injection of sterilant.

  • Energy efficient, jacket and door heating system for uniform temperature distribution.

  • Gas Circulation Blower for uniform concentration of sterilant & temperature distribution

  • HI/LO temperature & pressure alarms.

  • Gas detection system with audio-visual alarm to prevent gas leakages. Flame proof.

  • Evacuation hoods to evacuate any residual traces of Ethylene Oxide.

  • Emergency evacuation system for rapid evacuation of the gas in case of emergency.