Endoscope Cleaner

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TFlexible endoscopy is a common clinical procedure and all patients undergoing it must be protected from infection, which can occur by one of three routes: from patient to patient, from environment to patient or from organisms within the patient’s body It is therefore essential that endoscopes are cleaned thoroughly and correctly disinfected after each use and that the guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting flexible endoscopes are strictly adhered to. Any organic debris left on the endoscope, such as blood or mucus, can prevent adequate penetration of the disinfectant or sterilizing medium and glutaraldehyde, which is the most widely used disinfectant, acts as a fixative on these materials. Failing to clean endoscopes correctly can also result in the instrument channels becoming blocked, leading to inadequate functioning.

  • Simultaneous dual-scope cleaning and disinfection.

  • Leakage tester for highest process assurance.

  • Perfect washing and disinfection by 3 powerful motors.

  • Multi-channel jetting system rotated in a 360° arc.

  • Enhanced sensor package (top cover closure sensor, drainage sensor and level sensor for each tank).

  • Advanced materials for anticorrosive operation.

  • Full automatic procedure.