Storage Accessories

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For a comprehensive infection control philosophy proper procedure and practices should be followed for the storage of clean and sterile components and parts. A range of flexible and user friendly systems are provided for this purpose.

The Storage Racks are fabricated from stainless steel and are provided with removable and adjustable shelves for storage of packs, trays and baskets. The design is simple and easy to clean. The Storage Racks are provided with nylon leveling flanges with adjustable design.

The Basket Racks are designed for holding Baskets in the Control and Packing Area and in the Sterile Store. The Basket Rack is built from stainless steel and has arms for holding the baskets. The simplistic design ensures that the Baskets can be easily placed and removed from the rack. The Basket Racks are provided with nylon based leveling flanges.

The Wall Mounted Racks and Cabinets are an ideal storage accessory in the Control and Packing Area for storing material which is in transit during processing or for storage of inventory within the CSSD. These systems are available in a modular design allowing users to expand the storage system based on their need. All Racks and Cabinets are built from high grade stainless steel and are easy to clean and maintain.