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Spices, Herbs, Dry Fruits and other vegetable substances bring aroma and flavor to your food. During the long journey from the farms to your table, spices and herbs become contaminated with bacteria and molds. Bacterial contamination may come from several sources-insects, birds, soil, water etc. Fungal growth may occur during drying, storage or shipping. People all over the world are now more conscious about microbial contamination along with impurities and foreign matter in food products. Rejection of imports due to substandard quality of the food also tarnishes the image of the importer. The AURACLAVE uses dry, superheated steam along with effective post treatment drying for sterilization or heat treatment of a wide range of organic or herbal products either in whole, broken, or powdered form. Machinfabrik’s AURACLAVE is a versatile Steam Sterilization System for all kinds of dry fruits, seeds, herbs or spices. With the Auraclave you are able to destroy dangerous micro-organisms effectively and without residue. Quality and look of the product remains constant. Lastly, the process is chemical and radiation free.

  • Spices.

  • Herbs.

  • Flavours.

  • Nutraceuticals.

  • Ayurvedic Intermediates.

  • Dehydrated Vegetables.

  • Seeds.

  • Tea.

  • Oilseed.

  • Organic/Inorganic granular material & Dry Fruits.

  • Drying after thermal treatment ensures natural or desired moisture content.

  • Flash cooling arrangement is also incorporated.

  • The AURACLAVE process being very gentle ensures minimum loss of essential oils and aroma, colour, and texture.

  • No toxic residues because chemical sterliants are not used.

  • Large vacuum system for rapid moisture removal.

  • System for steam conditioning.

  • Filter and Super-heater for incoming plant steam.

  • Treatment is given to product in bulk condition usually wrapped in suitable cloth.