Steam air sterilizer

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With the advent of delicate packaging material for food products and beverages there is a need to install a heat treatment and sterilization systems which offer you very high versatility without compromising on the sterility assurance. The flexible packaging materials and wide variety of closures used today does not allow the use of conventional Steam Retorts. The steam sterilization process employed here will result in total or partial destruction of these packaging materials. Machinfabrik offers you a Steam-Air Sterilizer keeping in mind this exact need. The accurate counter pressure system employed ensures that you can heat treat and sterilize any type of package material without compromising on the sealing integrity and the shape / profile of the packaging. Here a mixture of steam and air is used. The steam provides the heat energy for sterilization and the air provides very accurate counter pressure, throughout the process, to ensure that at all times the chamber pressure remains in sync with the container pressure. The use of two independent mediums for heating and cooling ensure that you can maintain flexible temperature and pressure profiles to protect your packaging.

The Steam-Air Sterilizer is fitted with a turbine to mix the steam and air. The turbine also imparts velocity to the sterilization medium thereby ensuring fast heat transfer and effective heat penetration for best results. After sterilization the product is cooled with cooling water.

  • Cooked food in pouches..

  • RTE products in retortable packs.

  • Cans

  • Packaged meat and fish products. wwwnnnnnnn.

  • Accurate counter pressure system to process the most delicate packaging materials.

  • Turbine assisted circulation of the steam-air mixture results in a velocity being imparted to the heating medium. Hence heat transfer is fast and temperature distribution and heat penetration is excellent.

  • Stainless steel construction for superior hygiene.

  • PLC controlled systems to ensure minimal operator intervention and a high degree of process repeatability and accuracy.

  • Wide range of batch recording and data-logging applications available to ensure comprehensive process documentation which exceeds regulatory requirements.