Turnkey Solutions


In our work with large milk producers as well as many smaller family dairies, we have come to the realization that no two processing plants are exactly alike. Yes, there are some technical similarities in the process and equipment, but that’s where the similarities stop. Each of our customers has its own specific challenges. Each is under pressure to find its own path toward more effecient and profitable production. That is why we make it a point to first understand these needs, then specify the exact machine to fit into your production process.

Machinfabrik can offer you a complete solution - project design, equipment selection, machine design & manufacture and after sales services.

  • Bottle Unscramblers.

  • Rotary Turn-tables.

  • Stationary Tables.

  • Air-jet Washing Machines

  • Filling Machines.

  • Sealing Machines.

  • Capping Machines.

  • Sterilization Systems

  • Batch coding machines.

  • Shrink wrapping machines.

  • Cartoning.

  • Strapping.

  • Water Treatment Plant

  • Air Compressor.

  • Steam Boiler.

  • Cooling Tower.

  • Chiller.

  • Utility piping.