Handling Accessories

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Fabricated from hygienic stainless steel, the Table Trolley is provided with two shelves with a side support for transportation of soiled or cleaned material within the CSSD. The Table Trolley is provided with revolving and lockable nylon castors for smooth and easy movement.

The Distribution Trolley is used for the transport of soiled material from the wards, intensive care units and operation theatres to the CSSD and for the transport of the clean, sterile material from the CSSD to the different user points. The Distribution Trolley offers a closed design for maximum infection control. The doors are air-tight with special sealing gaskets and locks to ensure hygienic transport.

Baskets are now a very popular handling accessory for transport of clean material within the CSSD. Built from stainless steel for ease of cleaning and hygiene these trolleys are provided with nylon castor wheels for smooth and easy movement.

The Pass Box is installed in the Sterile Store for transfer of sterile material out of the CSSD. The Pass Box is fabricated from Stainless Steel and is provided with double doors. The door has a glass for easy visualization and is interlocked to allow only opening of one door at a time. The Pass Box is fitted with a UV lamp which ensures hygiene of the space during operation.

The Basket is the standard handling unit for all material within the CSSD and outside the CSSD. All equipments, handling accessories and storage systems are designed to handle baskets. This ensures handling in a smooth and ergonomic manner and also best utilization of the available space. The Baskets are fabricated from stainless steel wire.

The Instrument Trays are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit your needs. The trays are fabricated from stainless steel and have rounded corners for easy cleaning.