Washer Disinfector

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Hospital infection control is a serious problem, which no Hospital Administrator can afford to ignore. Proper attention needs to be focused on the system of Cleaning, Disinfection, Packaging, Sterilization and Storage of different surgical appliances and instruments.
The continuous advancements made in the field of Bio Medical Engineering have resulted in the development of a range of surgical appliances and instruments with very intricate and delicate profiles. Any sterile supply chain must have a system, which can clean and disinfect these components with a very high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Machinfabrik’s “DISINFECTOMAT” Washer Disinfectors have been designed with just that in mind. The system is not only flexible but also very user friendly to take care of your every need.

The DISINFECTOMAT is provided with three rotary spray arms with six spray nozzles. The design and location of the nozzles ensure that every surface of the load is uniformly cleaned. The arms rotate due to water pressure there by eliminating any mechanical drive system.

The DISINFECTOMAT comes with a range of standard accessories for different surgical appliances such as kidney trays, bottles, tubing and instruments. Additional loading cassettes are available on request.

The machine is equipped with an automatic detergent dozing system to doze required volume of detergent in the rinse water.

In hospitals where hot water is not available, the DISINFECTOMAT is equipped with an electric heating system. This heats the water to a temperature of 65°C for higher cleaning efficacy

The chamber is fabricated from non-corrosive Stainless Steel with high quality argon welding . All corners are rounded for easy cleaning. The sliding single or double door is provided with a view glass and food grade silicon gasket. All piping and valves are of Stainless Steel construction with silicon seals.

The washer disinfector comes with an in built electric steam generator. The steam produced here is used to disinfect the load at a temperature of 1000C after thorough cleaning and rinsing.

The DISINFECTOMAT has a microprocessor-controlled operating system. The operating console is provided with a membrane keypad and electronic display unit for easy operation and monitoring of the process. Up to 6 preprogrammed processes gives the user fantastic flexibility for cleaning and disinfecting a wide range of load configurations.

The machine is available in both single door as well as double sliding door options to suit different CSSD needs. The machine requires no installation. One has to connect different supply lines and a drain to start the operation.