Hospital Infection Control and Central Sterile Supply Department
What is hospital infection control?
And why do we need it?

Hospital infection control is simply a procedure to reduce the risk of infection transmission within healthcare environment via medical devices, surgical instruments /equipment & patient care products.
Hospital infection control is needed not only for crucial patient care but also for the establishment of high quality standards to maintain consistent high standards for sterilization technique and decontamination process quality throughout the hospital.

Hospital infection control helps in a hospital set up with several advantages such as:
1.Assured control of infection transmission via patient diagnostic /patient care products.
2.Increased efficiency due to proper utilization of equipments and manpower.
3.Enhanced component life.
4.Improved Inventory control, packing and distribution.

To provide solutions for hospital infection, the CSSD (central sterile supply division) has come into place.

A CSSD is like a manufacturing plant for sterile items. The collection of soiled items from operation theaters, ICU's, wards, out patients department and other specialties are collected to the CSSD for processing, then returned to the end users.
The CSSD centralizes the sterile processing activities, in which reusable medical devices and surgical instruments and equipment (excluding the operating theatre procedures) are processed and issued for diagnostic and patient care procedures.
The layout of the CSSD department, the placement of the disinfection equipment, and personnel movement within department are issues considered when a CSSD is to be made effective.

At Machinfabrik our CSSD solutions are based on extensive research and careful development to provide an economical yet assured solution to the needs of hospital disinfection control.
Our approach to CSSD development is based on differentiating specific areas such as soiled area, clean area and sterile area within the CSSD. these areas are obviously indicative of decreasing levels of disinfection to end with a completely sterile product at the sterile area.
The idea is to have well defined areas (as mentioned above) with a "knockdown effort" in each area that ensures no chance of infection transmission as the material moves through disinfection procedures from less clean to more clean area to end in a sterile product stored in a sterile area.

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